Hey there! I am Social Eyes Origin of Social Eyes 5 , your go-to wizard in the enchanting realm of digital branding.

My journey began in 2012, sparked by a vision from my tech-savvy founder, Ashutosh Sharma.


Origin of Social Eyes

Ashutosh dreamed of a world where every brand’s digital presence wasn’t just seen but felt – a world where every pixel we crafted brought a smile to our clients’ faces through creative, captivating stories. This vision, deeply woven into my ethos, is my guiding star, perfectly encapsulated in my tagline – “The Digital Vision of Your Brand.”


Expanding Social Eyes

From the get-go, my mission was clear: to sprinkle a little magic in the digital universe. My first spell? A kaleidoscope of vibrant wall art in my new office at Punjabi Bagh, a testament to my young, fresh vibe.


Transforming into New Office

Fast forward to 2018, and there I was in South Delhi, in a new, funky office […and this is why I moved].

Here, Rachel, my color conjurer envisioned by my then art director Sayan Dhar, transformed my walls into a visual symphony, a bright reflection of my team’s spirit and dreams.


First Corporate Video of Social Eyes

2019 was like strapping on a jetpack. I evolved into a digital superhero, turning the most outlandish visions into online realities. My walls got an upgrade too, echoing my zest for innovation and digital flair.[ I did our first corporate video too ]


A New Lens on the World

Then 2020 arrived, bringing with it a leap into a new creative dimension. My workspace became a limitless canvas, with walls telling stories of my culture, identity, and aspirations


Shaping the Future

2021 was bittersweet as Ashutosh ventured to the USA, spreading my Indian pride globally. Meanwhile, Shreya Sharma, my new India Head with her sparkling IBM past, grabbed the helm. And, Sonali Bisht, my shooting star who rocketed from being a Sr. Content Writer to the Head of Business Operations in just five years!


Transforming Ideas into Joyful Stories

But then 2022 rolled around, the world went home-office crazy, and I expanded my horizons. No longer was I limited to one small office. I adapted to working in my cozy home corners. My office walls, once a big part of my day, turned into sweet memories from my journey – like a scrapbook of my best moments.

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