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What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO helps you understand whether your website is compatible with search engine standards and that it can be indexed and crawled without any challenges. The objective of a technical SEO audit is to evaluate your website’s current SEO status and determine factors you need to improve for a seamless experience. User demands have significantly changed over the past few years, and search engines have become more refined. As per research, there are approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users across the globe. The massive surge in smart device usage has prompted Google to launch an algorithm update that focuses on site speed and mobile experience in ranking website pages.

Nowadays, websites with poor architecture, slow load time, and wonky redirects can be penalised under Google standards. Without intervention, these technical SEO problems may result in a steep drop in search rankings and organic traffic. Top organic search results receive 35% of clicks, the decline in ranking could be damaging to your business.

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Technical SEO: The Start Of Optimizing For Higher SERP Ranks

At the heart of algorithm changes sits one goal: to offer the best user experience. To achieve this goal, you need to understand what technical SEO is, what it carries, and how you can use it to ensure your website complies with search engine guidelines and industry standards. Technical on-page SEO entails several components, such as accelerated mobile pages, site speed, robots exclusion standard, XML sitemap status and content quality. These aspects are important to your website’s online performance. As per Google, a 10-second page load speed can result in a 123% increase in bounce rate. Even a second delay can drop 20% of conversion rate, 11% decline in page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Invest in technical SEO for eCommerce, content management systems and WordPress and save time and money later. Connect with our consultants to learn more about technical SEO for WordPress and its importance to your business.

Technical Seo Services To Boost Local Search Dominance

Rank Higher Without Publishing New Content

In today’s digital landscape, it is paramount for you to stay on top of the modern technical on-page SEO techniques and algorithm updates to improve your website’s profitability. Understanding what technical SEO is and what it requires enables you to make sure your website pages are perfectly structured in terms of online users and search engine spiders.

Technical SEO entails the following procedure:

We understand that navigating the complex needs and procedure of technical optimisation SEO on your own while handling core business operations can be overwhelming. Fret not! Our team here at Social Eyes are here to help you. Does your website’s technical on-page SEO functionality delay your organic search performance? Don’t worry; let our professionals take care of it. Entrust your technical SEO audit and optimisation with our team and witness growth.

Technical SEO Services

Create Effective SEO Plans for a Successful Online Campaign

Technical SEO Audit

Our team conducts a comprehensive audit to identify and fix your website’s technical SEO problems. The audit covers important checkpoints; this includes mobile performance, internal link structure, XML sitemap, page speed, crawl errors, indexation, robots txt, and site architecture. Using analytics results, our team develops solutions to improve the user's website experience.

Competitor Analysis

Get an overview of your competition’s optimisation techniques and determine your conversion opportunities. Our technical SEO professionals examine your competition’s keyword performance, social media presence, search engine ranking, and technical profile. These techniques allow us to create winning strategies that will extend a distinct advantage in your respective niche.

Meta Data Analysis

Work on your online visibility and gain more traffic with Meta tags that describe your page content to website visitors and search engines. Being the #1 technical SEO company conducts technical SEO for WordPress, which entails analyzing and optimizing your Meta description, meta keywords, title tags, and robots tags. We ensure no misused metadata can hinder your performance.

Image Optimisation

Large images can slow down your website performance and drive away page visitors. Reduce your website loading time and drive more traffic with technical SEO for ecommerce. Our professionals choose the right file format, reduce the image size, optimize your alt attributes, use image sitemap, and maximize image optimisation plugins.

Speed Optimisation

Page speed impacts your ranking and your customer’s online experience. Our technical SEO specialist enables file compression to lower the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. We optimize your code, reduce redirects, use content distribution networks' browser caching, and improve server response time.

Structured Data Markup

Make it easy for search engines to crawl and display your content using schema markup. Our team exhibits your page elements, creates the HTML, assigns data tags, and adds the schema mark-up to your page. We use Google’s structured data testing tool to test your markup and diagnose any problems.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the blueprint of your marketing strategy. Get insights into current industry trends and customer behaviour, and ensure the right keyword usage throughout your website. Our SEO consultants understand your niche and perform technical SEO audits to determine your keyword ranking and optimise your web pages with high-performing terms.

Backlink Analysis

Gain a better understanding of your website’s online authority and search ranking capabilities with our leading technical SEO services. Our professionals carry out backlink analyses to make sure you acquire incoming links from trusted high-authority websites. We use various backlink data sources to determine your referring domains and the social share magnitude of the linking pages.

Penalty Recovery

Google penalties are a product of algorithm changes or black hat technical SEO for WordPress. To help you recover from a penalty, our professionals use Google Search Console to figure out the type of penalty that affects your website, resolve variations on original web pages, and assess your backlink strategies and content crawled by Google.

Website Migration

It is a delicate procedure; develop a robust migration plan to dodge losing valuable traffic. Our team conducts SEO-friendly website migration, which entails benchmarking analytics performance, mapping all changed URLs from the old site to the new domain, eliminating duplicate content, updating all internal links, managing 404 pages and tracking trafficking.

Real Success with Our Technical SEO Services

Improve Your Site’s Performance and Attract More Organic Visitors

Technical SEO for WordPress and other CMS is important to online success. With the right technical optimisation SEO strategy in place – you can flag website problems, take immediate action to resolve them and make sure all SEO elements are working perfectly. Use our services to your benefit and gain profitable long-term growth. Listed below is what you can expect from us:

In-depth Website Audits

Your website performance is a result of different variables working united. We, here at Social Eyes, conduct comprehensive site audits for your technical SEO, conversion rate campaign, paid campaign, backlink profile, and competition. Through this, we make business decisions backed by research and data.

Technical SEO Specialist

Social Eyes is the #1 Technical SEO Company in India. Our team is composed of Google-certified SEO specialists who oversee your project from assessment to completion. We identify, plan and execute data-driven technical SEO recommendations and maintain updated knowledge of industry trends to extend quality results

Full-Service SEO Solutions

Future-proof your website and bring higher close rates with bespoke SEO services for your branding. We bring you technical SEO services for e-commerce, franchise, Shopify local businesses and Amazon. Our team of professionals remove anything that can potentially slow down your website performance, humanise your brand, optimise your page content, and make your brand presence appealing to search engines and users.

Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of your SEO campaign performance and stay on top of your online activities. Our team uses analytics to gather actionable insights and gain derived results. We offer consultations, monthly reports and e-mail updates – keeping you updated on your marketing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities

Goal-Oriented Strategies

During the primary phase of consultation, our team determine and analyse your current campaign status, marketing goals and expectations. We ensure all our technical SEO techniques are aligned with your objectives and goals. Our team leverages multiple distribution methods to improve your site leads.

Proven Track Record

Our technical SEO firm has partnered with hundreds of firms across the nation to help improve your digital presence. We help identify and fix multiple recurring website problems by performing thorough SEO audits and incorporating result-driven SEO strategies. Uncover more about the quality of our leading technical SEO services from our satisfied customers.

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