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Engage Your Core Audience with Tailored Email Content Campaigns

Nearly 3.9 billion people globally use email daily for their communication needs, far surpassing any other platform’s daily user count. Are you making the most of email marketing in your business plan?

Don’t overlook the chance to link your brand with the ideal customers at the perfect time and boost your revenue. Choose Social eyes Digital Marketing Agency focused email marketing solutions and allow us to create an email strategy that aligns seamlessly with your business goals.


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What Is Email Marketing?

Build Brand Trust Through A Dedicated Community

Email marketing stands as the top digital method for attracting and converting potential customers.

Research reveals that despite the rise of mobile messaging apps, around 61 percent of shoppers prefer brands to reach out through email, a choice consistent across different genders and ages.

The global reliance on and growing importance of email underscore the significance of email marketing now more than ever.

What exactly is email marketing? It’s a digital strategy adopted by numerous businesses globally to enhance brand awareness, drive sales, and nurture customer relationships.

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Email marketing firms use various email service providers (ESPs) to dispatch automated, customized marketing emails featuring brand deals and news. This can range from weekly newsletters and promotional notifications to surveys and event invites, all part of email marketing.

Remarkably, 87 percent of B2B marketers and 79 percent of B2C marketers globally employ email for distributing content. Are you fully utilizing email marketing services to expand and advertise your business? How does your email campaign stand in this competitive digital arena?

Start planning your email marketing now and uncover the best strategies to guide your email contacts through your sales process.

Technical SEO: The Start Of Optimizing For Higher SERP Ranks

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Not knowing the details of email marketing or how to make the most of email campaigns for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) deals can lead to disjointed advertising efforts, fewer customers, and a significant drop in business.

Don’t let your brand suffer this fate. Opt for goal-oriented email marketing services from top-rated email marketing firms to spend your digital marketing budget wisely and improve your online promotions.

Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency provides a wide range of email marketing services tailored to suit your brand’s specific needs, budget, and target market. Book a consultation with our email marketing team and let’s talk about how these services are crucial in reaching your business objectives.

Why Email Marketing Is Important For Your Store?

Give Extra Benefits To Customers For Better Results

The role of email marketing in boosting a digital brand’s success is crucial. It stands as one of the top strategies for gaining leads and ensuring a strong return on investment (ROI).

Studies indicate that around 61 percent of people who sign up for emails want weekly promotional messages, and about 83 percent tend to spend more with brands that send them marketing emails. Marketers have even seen a staggering return of $38 for every dollar spent on email marketing, translating to a 3,800 percent ROI.

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Clearly, email marketing offers a fantastic chance to connect with specific customers and drive sales growth. If you haven’t yet planned your email marketing strategy, now is the moment to meet with an email marketing expert and map out the steps to advance your business.

Need of Email Marketing For Your Business

Many marketers question the relevance of email marketing when social media is so prevalent, but the fact is, people still prefer getting special deals from their favorite brands via email. In reality, 44 percent of users look for brand deals in their emails, while a mere four percent check social media for ads.

That’s just the start. The vast potential of online email marketing means your business is just a step away from increased conversions.

Still unsure why email marketing is vital for your brand’s growth? Here are more compelling reasons to invest in an email marketing campaign service:

Build Customer Loyalty

Maintaining frequent contact with customers through regular email interactions helps build brand loyalty and drives sales. Moreover, connecting with an existing customer via top email campaigns costs significantly less—six to 12 times less—than other channels like paid ads or social media. Targeted email campaigns not only drive business but also cut costs.

Global ads reach

Expand Your Business Reach

Email campaigns have a broader reach and higher potential for engagement compared to traditional marketing. Data shows 72 percent of email users check their inbox over six times daily, and about 92 percent have at least one email account. Skilled email marketing professionals can help you reach your audience on any device while ensuring compliance with laws like the CAN-SPAM Act.

Connect With Different Audiences

The advantage of B2C and B2B email marketing is highly personalized communication. Unlike traditional marketing's broad approach, email marketing allows for unique offers, personalized messages, and campaigns tailored to specific criteria like birthdays, regions, and customer lifetime value (CLV). This means you can connect personally with various segments of your audience

Save Time and Effort

Email marketing, whether for small businesses, franchises, or multi-location companies, requires much less effort than traditional marketing. There's no need for postage or labeling for each campaign. Targeted email marketing lets you reach and engage your ideal market segments, big or small, quickly. If mastering email campaign optimization seems daunting, top email marketing firms are there to help.

Test Email Campaigns and Drive Strong Results

Online email marketing allows for various testing methods to ensure your marketing is on point. A/B and multivariate testing can assess nearly every aspect of your email campaign, from the subject line and sending time to the content. This provides valuable feedback to tweak your email marketing strategy for maximum engagement.

Track Your Analytics

The data and analytics from email marketing software offer crucial insights into your targeted email marketing performance and campaigns. Common metrics include open rates, click rates, click-through rates (CTRs), bounces, and conversions. Depending on your goals, an experienced email marketing expert can interpret these metrics to refine your strategy for better audience reach

Statista reports that around 306.4 billion emails are exchanged daily. So, how can you make sure your email campaigns grab the attention of your customers?

Build strong connections with potential and current customers and nurture their loyalty with our email marketing agency’s assistance. We offer email marketing solutions for small businesses, large corporations, and multi-location agencies. Find out how our email marketing services can enhance your marketing strategies.

Turn Clicks into Conversions with Our Email Campaigns

Experience ROI Like Never Before

At Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency, we use advanced email marketing tools and offer ongoing training to provide marketing automation services that add value and boost profits. Here’s how our email marketing services have driven business growth for our clients:

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Online Fabric Store


Unit Sales


Sales Volume

Client Words

Our email marketing firm revamped the client’s old email marketing approach and introduced drip marketing automation to enhance the performance of email campaigns. The experts at Socialeyes crafted email marketing layouts that perfectly resonate with the intended audience. In just one year of implementing our focused email marketing solutions, the revamped email designs and automated email procedures led to 116,894 emails being sent out and 127 successful conversions.”

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Conversion Rate


Total Leads

Client Words

The School contacted our email marketing firm seeking to enhance their email campaign effectiveness and develop email marketing templates for upcoming campaigns. Aiming to refine the client’s lead generation process, our email marketing professionals designed four email layouts that align with the client’s website branding. Our agency employed AMP HTML in the email coding, introducing features like drop-downs and accordion menus, which weren’t possible with the previous email format.”

Boost Your Small Business with Engaging Email Strategies

Build Your Reputation And Boost Your Response Rates

Choosing where to invest your finances is crucial. It’s important that each dollar you put into marketing brings a return on investment (ROI), or else you risk losing your money and missing out on more sales.

Email marketing is a budget-friendly option for small businesses to reach specific customer groups and boost their income. A McKinsey report shows that email is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in winning new customers. Additionally, 80 percent of industry experts agree that top-notch email campaigns are key for gaining and keeping customers.

Through targeted email marketing for small businesses, you have the opportunity to:

What Is Drip Marketing?

Increase Brand Engagement And Attract More Leads

On average, about 51 percent of businesses employ drip marketing automation to power their marketing strategies and achieve improved campaign outcomes.

Drip marketing, also known as automated email marketing or drip campaigns, is a method of enhancing email campaigns. It involves using drip marketing tools to dispatch a sequence of automated emails based on specific timings and user behaviors.

These automated email campaigns gradually deliver value to subscribers by consistently sharing useful content like company news or sneak peeks of products. The aim of automating email marketing is to guide customers step by step towards the final point of purchase.

How does Drip Marketing Technology Work?

Email marketing firms utilize drip marketing tools to streamline your email marketing automation. These tools help by:

What are the main kinds of drip marketing campaigns?

There are three primary drip marketing types, each aligning with a stage in your email marketing journey:

Top-Of-Funnel (TOFU) Drip

Acts as your email marketing funnel's starting point. TOFU drips aim to begin conversations with potential customers.

Educational Drip

Targets the funnel's second stage, focusing on sharing detailed knowledge about what your brand offers and securing more sales.

Re-engagement Drip

Seeks to re-attract customers who've lost touch, using special promotions and deals to draw them back into your email marketing journey.

How Impactful is Automating Email Marketing?

Automated marketing services are tailored to keep potential and current customers engaged with your brand. Automated email marketing helps to:

Looking for assistance with automating your email marketing?

Success in drip email marketing hinges on its relevance and timely delivery. By closely examining various indicators of intent, like user interest, informational needs, and other behavior patterns, our agency specializing in automated email marketing can develop a highly targeted drip campaign. This leads to better open and click-through rates.

Collaborate with our agency for automated email marketing and receive exceptional email marketing services that broaden the scope of your drip email marketing strategies.

Socialeyes Email Marketing Campaign Services

Get More Customers With Improved Brand Communication

As a highly reputable email marketing agency, we make sure all our email campaign services align with our clients’ specific requirements and marketing budget. Based on your goals for email marketing, we offer various specialized email marketing services.

What Types of Email Marketing Strategy We Do For Our Clients

As trends come and go, it’s essential to adjust your email marketing strategy. Our email marketing firm conducts audits for both B2C and B2B email marketing to identify elements that impact your marketing effectiveness and find problems that hinder your email marketing plan.

Our email services include:

Campaign and Template Analysis

Our email marketing professionals examine your email layouts and past campaigns from the last year to thoroughly understand your email marketing's effectiveness and user engagement. We evaluate your email's design, subject lines, and calls-to-action (CTAs) to spot any issues or areas for improvement.

Technical Assessment

To make sure your email newsletters and other marketing emails are reaching the intended inboxes, our email marketing expert checks for any technical problems with your current setup. This includes checking for spam complaints, delivery problems, and the possibility of your domain and IP being blacklisted.

Data Evaluation

Research indicates that 25-33 percent of email addresses become obsolete each year. To ensure you're using up-to-date email lists, we establish a standard for email metrics, assess your most and least successful campaigns, and analyze unsubscribe rates and subscriber demographics.

Program Assessment

We review your current email automation, how you segment your audience, the health of your email list (whether it's growing or shrinking), and your overall email marketing strategy. Our aim is to find the most effective ways to enhance your marketing performance


Once our audit is complete, our email marketing specialists put together and share suggestions regarding your code and design, content, and CTAs. We also offer advice on how often to send emails, the best days and times to send them, automation possibilities, and the potential for A/B testing.

Custom Template Design and Development

Lacking the internal capacity to craft email marketing newsletters and drip campaign templates? As your committed email marketing service partner, we specialize in designing, building, and launching modern email templates that align with your brand and the user experience (UX) you want to deliver.

Our email campaign services cover:

Exceptional Template Creation

At Socialeyes, we understand that a compelling email involves more than just an eye-catching design delivered to your inbox. Our email marketing agency crafts email marketing newsletters and drip campaign templates with clean coding, ensuring they adapt seamlessly to all email clients and screen sizes.

Integration with Your Chosen ESP

Need assistance setting up your template on your preferred ESP? We're here to help! Our email marketing expert will transfer your finished design to your chosen ESP, so you can start dispatching emails without any hassle.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing

Our agency rigorously tests every newsletter and marketing email design using top industry tools, ensuring they are well-constructed, responsive, and function flawlessly. With our support, you can create more emails more efficiently.

Training on Custom Templates

As a leading email marketing agency, we offer more than just expertly designed templates. Our email marketing specialist also provides your team with training to master these templates. Every template we deliver includes a video tutorial guiding you through the design and emailing process.

Ensuring Compatibility with Major Email Clients

We collaborate closely with your team to make sure our templates reflect your unique brand, preferences, and messaging. Our guarantee: our email templates are compatible with over 30 different email clients, devices, and operating systems.

Email Marketing Management

Require support with your monthly email tasks? Our email agency partners with your team to craft a winning email marketing strategy for lasting profit.

Our email marketing campaign services encompass:

Assessment of Marketing Objectives and Targeting

How well does email marketing meet your brand's goals? As a leading email marketing provider, we dive deep into your email marketing objectives. We analyze your audience, identify missed chances in previous campaigns, and devise a plan to achieve your specific aims.

Alignment with Brand Guidelines and Asset Management

Maintaining consistency is crucial for earning a return on your email marketing investment. We stick to your brand guidelines and understand that content needs may evolve. Our account managers coordinate all necessary assets for brand success and organize a marketing calendar, keeping you informed about upcoming campaigns.

Comprehensive Campaign Creation and Execution

Our service handles every aspect of your email campaign, so you don't have to stress. Looking for customized email newsletters? Our team designs and constructs each email to match your needs, ensuring we're consistently focused on your objectives.

Regular List Upkeep

Dependable email marketing firms not only engage your audience but also make sure you're connecting with the right individuals and filtering out inactive contacts. Our aim includes boosting engagement through continuous list maintenance, ensuring every message reaches the intended recipient

Detailed Campaign Monitoring and Reporting

Our team delivers in-depth monthly analyses of your email marketing campaigns, detailing metrics like open rates, click rates, conversions, and more for each campaign sent the previous month. We also arrange routine meetings with your team to review these reports.

Continual Management and Improvement

Sometimes, extra effort is necessary for your ESP's optimal health, including further segmentation, list cleaning, and adjusting the marketing strategy based on engagement, among other tasks. Our email marketing team is committed to maintaining your account's optimization and peak performance

Managing Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t just about sending out regular newsletters and campaigns, especially for eCommerce, Shopify, and various business types. To truly elevate your email marketing, automation is key! Our agency specializing in email marketing automation provides:

Drip Campaign Sequences

Continuous engagement with your audience is crucial. Our approach involves pinpointing the most suitable drip sequences for your business. We craft multi-step campaigns to maintain your audience's interest and boost conversions.

Welcome Series

When a new customer or lead shares their details with your business, it shows their interest. Meet their expectations with a tailored welcome series. Our email marketing professionals develop a series of steps designed to educate your contacts and prompt conversions.

Customer Win-Back

At times, customers and leads may lose focus and start considering your competitors. Our email marketing services include win-back campaigns to re-engage those inactive contacts and reintegrate them into your active subscriber base.

Web Activity Campaigns

We leverage data from your website's user interactions to create highly specific campaigns, presenting content tailored to each visitor. This sophisticated strategy involves making suggestions based on the products viewed, actions performed, or specific clicks on your website.

ESP Review and Migration

Is your current Email Service Provider (ESP) meeting your needs, or are you considering switching to a platform with more advanced features? Facing challenges with reporting, data, or integrations? As your email marketing partner, we guide you in exploring your options to secure the best possible return on your email marketing investment.

Our services include:

Demo and Presentation

Unsure about the right ESP for your business? After identifying the best potential matches for your needs, we bridge the communication between you and the ESP's support team. Our agency arranges interactive, informative demos to help you thoroughly understand each option.

Data Migration and Setup

Decided on an ESP? We're here to ensure a seamless transition. Our support includes:

  • Migrating and Transferring Data
  • Setting up Integrations
  • Establishing automations
  • Transferring and Migrating Email Templates
  • Domain Authentication

Initial Audit

Overlooking campaign audits can lead to inefficient email marketing. At Socialeyes, we conduct a comprehensive initial audit to grasp the issues you're encountering with your current ESP, whether it's inadequate reporting, missing integrations, or a need for certain automations.

ESP Research

We collaborate with top-tier ESPs and scrutinize each platform to recommend the best fit for your specific requirements. Email marketing platforms vary from basic to advanced. Our agency evaluates each one, providing you with a selection of options that align with your needs.

ecommerce Email Marketing Services

In search of top-notch email marketing solutions for Shopify, or exploring options for various other eCommerce platforms? Our team, proficient in using multiple ESPs, excels in managing Shopify email marketing and campaigns for other eCommerce platforms.

Enhance your eCommerce venture with our services and advanced automation:

ESP Transition

Got an ESP that's not quite fitting for your eCommerce email marketing needs? Our team swiftly transfers your current campaigns, designs, and segmented contact lists to the ESP of your choice, ensuring minimal downtime. We're compatible with major eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Email Strategy Development

Our eCommerce email marketing team crafts the optimal strategy to engage your audience. We offer advice on automated campaigns, content strategies, promotional planning, and consistent newsletter services. Reach out to discover the best email marketing strategies for Shopify and other platforms.

Custom Template Creation

The email marketing team at Socialeyes consists of skilled designers and developers dedicated to crafting unique templates from the ground up. We're well-versed in Shopify email marketing and general eCommerce marketing best practices, and we design templates that captivate your audience and boost conversions.

Email Automation Planning

Our specialists in Shopify email marketing and general eCommerce develop strategies that leverage predictive analytics to construct effective workflows and automated campaigns, encouraging future purchases. Whether it's for abandoned cart sequences, welcome emails, or VIP re-engagement automation, we've got it all under control.

Email Marketing Management

Need a team to devise compelling and engaging eCommerce email marketing campaigns that keep your audience informed about the latest offers and promotions? We organize, design, and evaluate Shopify email marketing and other eCommerce campaigns to maximize conversions and elevate sales.

Email Newsletters Services

Stay connected with your customers and potential clients by informing them about your latest brand deals, product news, and other marketing initiatives through Socialeyes’s email newsletter service. Recognized as a leading email marketing provider, we offer an affordable newsletter service that handles all the technical aspects for you.

Our newsletter service includes:

Customized Email Campaigns

We stand out from other email firms by setting up and managing email campaigns that are in sync with your marketing objectives. Need a straightforward newsletter plan? Consider it done! Our team prepares RSS-to-email feeds for updates straight from your blog and designs intricate automations with conditional follow-up emails, tailored to the stage your recipients are at in your email marketing journey.

Expertly Crafted Templates

Research indicates a preference for emails that are professionally designed over plain text. Our email marketing experts craft and develop templates that resonate with your distinct brand and cater to your specific requirements, ensuring our email templates are compatible and display correctly across all device types and screen sizes.

Focused Product and Service Promotions

A crucial aspect of our newsletter service is to provide a profit-driven email marketing approach. We meticulously customize the content of each newsletter to attract your target market. Your subscribers will get campaigns that resonate with their needs and present them with offers they're interested in.

Email Newsletter List Growth and Maintenance

We collaborate closely to ensure your newsletter list is continuously expanding. Our marketing specialists refine your site to boost newsletter signups and maintain a solid sending reputation with email providers. Plus, you get the advantage of our extensive industry knowledge, aiming for maximum shares and minimal unsubscribes from your emails.

Email Blast Service

Dispatch precise and pertinent communications to your subscribers with Socialeyes’s email blast service. For optimal email marketing for Shopify, eCommerce, and various businesses, we utilize sophisticated email blast tools while ensuring your messages comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Our email blast services encompass:

Email List Management

Sending out mass emails can land you in trouble if not done correctly. Our team ensures this doesn't happen to your business. We segment your audience lists to send appropriate emails to the right people, categorizing your messages based on criteria like age, user behavior, and gender.

Creative Template Design

A successful email campaign needs compelling subject lines and reader-friendly designs. Socialeyes's team, consisting of skilled web designers and content writers, is dedicated to creating email blast templates that capture your recipients' attention and motivate them to act.

Strategic Recommendations

Our work goes beyond just crafting your email blast templates. We also offer practical advice to refine your email marketing, whether for eCommerce or other sectors. Our team uses advanced email blast software to suggest enhancements that boost the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.

Campaign Monitoring and Analysis

Unlike some firms, we don't just send out campaigns and forget them. Socialeyes is committed to delivering superior email marketing services. Our consultants employ email blast tools to conduct A/B tests on your newsletter designs, spot any issues, and closely monitor your campaign's performance.

Why Choose Social Eyes for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency ranks among the premier email marketing firms, offering top-tier email marketing services at wallet-friendly prices. But don’t just take our word for it; see what our clients have to say about our services.

Partnering with our email marketing agency brings you additional advantages:

Comprehensive Email Marketing Campaigns

Seeking assistance with Shopify email marketing, drip campaigns, email blasts, or email marketing automation? Our agency is among the select few that provide an extensive range of email services. Whether you need just an email blast or a combination of several email marketing solutions, our experts are ready to support you.

Thorough Campaign Testing

At Socialeyes, we do more than just craft and send out email newsletters and templates. We rigorously test every aspect of your campaign, from the timing and subject lines to the content, to ensure your email marketing efforts yield impressive results.

Custom Audience Segmentation

Recognizing that the ideal email marketing service varies based on individual client needs, preferences, and target audience, we conduct comprehensive research and use advanced tools to segment your audience list accurately. This ensures your emails reach the right people at the perfect time.

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies

Email marketing can deliver a substantial ROI, but for even higher returns, enhanced efficiency, better access, and increased customer loyalty, a mix of tailored online marketing strategies is crucial. In addition to email marketing, we offer a suite of digital marketing services like SEO, link building, and online reputation management (ORM)

In-depth Email Marketing Analytics

We tailor email campaigns to your unique requirements, oversee them, and provide you with detailed monthly reports on their performance, including metrics like open rates, website traffic, and generated leads/sales. You can monitor your campaign's progress via your Google Analytics dashboard or our comprehensive reports. We can also sync your email campaigns with Google Analytics for deeper insights into your recipients' interactions with your website.

Expert Email Marketing Team

Socialeyes email marketing squad is seasoned in various email platforms and continually explores and evaluates new email marketing tools, digital platforms, and strategies to offer you unparalleled service. Let us guide you through the myriad ways our digital marketing endeavors can foster your brand's growth and visibility