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amazon account management

Amazon Account Management

Maximizing Amazon budget for ROI

Amazon is hugely popular for shopping. To succeed, your business needs an edge over competitors. You want to avoid wasting money if your products get buried on Amazon while no one buys them. You likely know Amazon rules Indian online retail. But you may not know how to join and stand out. How do you start selling there? How do you make your product distinctive? How do you avoid getting lost among countless listings?

Our seasoned Amazon marketing specialists can custom-fit a strategy to optimize your budget. Collaborating with an established Amazon agency having a proven track record is key to getting the most value for the money you spend on Amazon marketing.


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Amazon Listing Optimization

We Improve Your Amazon Product Descriptions And Images
We cover everything from start to finish to enhance your natural rankings and sales on Amazon. A lot of Amazon product listings aren’t set up right, missing out on potential earnings. Our Amazon experts ensure you get the most ROI right from the start. Our marketing agency:

Pricing Strategy & Testing

Get Your Amazon Best Seller In 30 days With Social Eyes

To excel as a seller on Amazon, it’s crucial to use effective pricing strategies to boost your rankings, sales, and profits. Our marketing agency carefully considers various factors when pricing a new product. We provide in-depth competitor analysis to determine the optimal price for your product on Amazon.

Constantly changing your product prices isn’t advisable as it can harm your Amazon optimization efforts. Instead, make the most of Amazon’s array of discounts, coupons, and deals to attract cost-conscious shoppers. Remember, the lowest or highest price isn’t always the best choice. Our experienced marketing team collaborates with you to find the ideal price – a balance that encourages sales and enhances profit margins.
Pricing Strategy & Testing
In our Amazon marketing services, we collaborate with our clients to develop a sales strategy that effectively combines various campaign types and promotional deals. This includes:

Organizing Amazon's Product Inventory

Boost Your Amazon Product Page Performance

When you have an established Amazon catalog, we’ll review your product categories, examine the parent-child variations, and ensure they are well-organized and optimized. Variations are groups of similar products. Using a smart variation strategy helps increase sales by enabling customers to compare and choose products based on attributes like color and size, all from one product detail page.

The catalog is key to your brand’s presence. If you’re developing a brand on Amazon, your entire range of products appears under your company’s name. It’s important that your branded area is easily accessible if you’re promoting a brand on Amazon. We assist in guiding you towards running sponsored brand ads instead of just sponsored product ads.

Amazon's Brand Registration Service

Helping Clients Boost Amazon Brand with Quality Content

Registering a brand on Amazon requires having a trademark. Our marketing services include assisting clients in obtaining a trademark and then registering their brand on Amazon. Brand registry offers sellers more control over their product listings on Amazon. It enhances a seller’s strategy, partly by allowing the use of what was once called Enhanced Brand Content, now known as Amazon A+ Content. Our Amazon certified strategists assist clients in optimizing their Amazon A+ Content efforts. This feature lets brand owners enhance their product descriptions with branded content, providing extra details and usage information about their products. Implementing Amazon A+ Content on product detail pages can boost traffic, improve conversion rates, and increase sales.

As your dedicated Amazon agency partner, we’re committed to safeguarding your copyrights and preventing competitors from illegally selling your products. We utilize a system to monitor and issue automated removal requests, escalating to legal measures if necessary, to ensure removal of unauthorized sellers, often referred to as “Buy Box leeches.” This proactive approach helps protect your store, products, and brand from Amazon leech scams.
Suspended appeal

Appealing an Amazon Account Suspension

Regain Your Amazon Selling Privileges with Our Appeal Services

If your Amazon account gets suspended, it can seriously disrupt your business. In case you’re facing an Amazon suspension notice, our team is here to assist. Our skilled Amazon services team will guide you through the Amazon suspension appeal process. Our Amazon specialists are equipped to communicate with Amazon account representatives for you, submit the required documentation, address the issue that led to your suspension, and if needed, we have legal resources to escalate your appeal process further.

Above all, our primary goal is to help you prevent any suspension from happening in the first place. By implementing Amazon’s best practices, we ensure your business continues to Social Eyes without any interruptions.

Your Trusted Amazon Marketing Partner

Stay Well-Informed with Our Comprehensive Reports
Our marketing service team at Social Eyes is committed to maintaining integrity in every aspect of our operations. We operate without any hidden fees and avoid any deceptive practices in our reporting. With our commitment to complete transparency, you’ll be kept fully informed about every aspect of your business on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis by our Amazon AMS team. Our straightforward approach ensures that you will clearly see how our efforts are directly contributing to the growth of your online revenue.
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Amazon Marketing Services

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Amazon SEO

Our comprehensive Amazon SEO team specializes in swiftly establishing and enhancing your eCommerce presence on Amazon. We offer step-by-step guidance, from setting up your Amazon seller account to boosting your rankings and conversion rates. Throughout the process, we meticulously handle every aspect, including auditing your Amazon account, analyzing your competitors, conducting thorough keyword research, and crafting optimized, clear, and concise product descriptions

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Amazon Advertising/PPC

Amazon is no hidden gem but rather a highly competitive marketplace for sellers. To stand out and sell your products on Amazon, investing in advertising is essential. Successful sellers leverage PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns and strategies to differentiate themselves. Our team of Amazon advertising experts can position you for success by creating an ideal blend of advertising options. We'll help you utilize sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads, sponsored display ads, and video ads, whether you're using Amazon Vendor Central or Amazon Seller Central.

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Amazon Brand Stores

In 2018, Amazon introduced Brand Stores to spotlight small and medium-sized businesses. These mini-websites within Amazon showcase your entire product range, brand story, and videos. Our experts excel in creating captivating Amazon Brand Stores, optimizing product exposure with Amazon A+ content, including high-quality images and designs. We also use sponsored brand ads to direct shoppers to your brand store, enhancing sales potential.

Amazon Marketing Services 5

Amazon Reporting & Analytics

We ensure our clients are always informed about their business and our role through detailed data analysis. Each month, we offer Amazon advertising reports, revealing spending, return on ad spend (ROAS), advertising cost of sales (ACoS), and full pay-per-click (PPC) statistics. Additionally, as part of our Amazon marketing services, Social Eyes offers comprehensive reports on Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) fees, uncovering any concealed expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do Next If My Amazon Business Needs Help?

If you’re seeking assistance with your Amazon business, Social Eyes Digital Marketing Agency offers premium Amazon marketing services. Our team provides educational videos to guide you through starting or improving your Amazon seller journey, focusing on increasing ROI and revenue.

How Can I Increase Sales on My eCommerce Website Despite High Amazon Fees?

Socialeyes, a full-service digital marketing agency, can guide you through understanding and managing Amazon fees to protect your margins. Our experts develop a multi-channel eCommerce strategy, optimizing your presence on Amazon and other platforms, and use conversion rate optimization (CRO) and Amazon SEO to drive more traffic and revenue.

Is Selling on Amazon Necessary for a Thriving eCommerce Business?

For any eCommerce business looking to grow, considering Amazon is crucial. With Amazon set to become the largest online marketplace, Social Eyes Digital Marketing Agency can help leverage this platform to reach over 300 million potential customers, analyzing your business for improvements and action plans.

What Constitutes a Good ACoS on Amazon and How Does Blended ACoS Differ?

A good Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) on Amazon typically aims for 20 percent and below, depending on various factors. Blended ACoS includes revenue from organic sales. Our Amazon experts provide daily sales reports highlighting your blended ACoS.

What is the Amazon Sales Funnel?

The Amazon sales funnel is the journey customers take before purchasing. Our Amazon specialists focus on funnel design and ad campaigns to increase impressions on your Amazon Storefront, tailoring unique product pages for higher views, sessions, and conversions.

Does the Price of My Product on Amazon Affect Rankings and Conversions?

Product pricing on Amazon significantly influences your success. Effective pricing strategies are key to enhancing rankings, conversions, and revenue. Our services include competitor analysis to determine optimal pricing, taking into account costs and net profit, to improve your Amazon best sellers rank.

If My eCommerce Business is Already Successful, Should I Still Advertise on Amazon?

Expanding to Amazon, the largest online eCommerce marketplace, can expose your brand to a new customer segment. Our experts help you establish and scale your brand on Amazon, developing strategies across multiple marketplaces to boost sales.

What Are the Different Ways to Advertise on Amazon?

Amazon offers various advertising methods like Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands ads, Coupons, and Promotions. Costs per click range from $.50 to $3, offering diverse opportunities. Our team specializes in creating effective Amazon campaigns tailored to your unique business needs.

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