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Creating Targeted Advertising Campaigns to Boost Sales and Reduce Stress
Amazon Sponsored Products Management

Amazon Sponsored Products Management

Strategic Ads increase Amazon Profits

Investing in Amazon ads can be tricky, and it’s essential to have a clear plan. Particularly, Amazon sponsored products need a well-thought-out strategy. Many of our customers tried managing their Amazon PPC on their own, often relying on guesswork. Unfortunately, this approach often led to spending a lot without much return on their investment.

Our Amazon PPC agency takes a different approach

– We assist in setting achievable goals.

– We create a tailored strategy that fits your specific business requirements.

– Immediately, we focus on boosting your return on investment (ROI) and reducing your advertising cost of sales (ACoS).


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Amazon Sponsored Products Ads: What Are They?

After guiding you through keyword research, optimizing your Amazon listings, and helping with brand registration and trademark filing, it’s time for the next step: advertising. Amazon offers a cost-per-click (CPC) option for sponsored products, meaning you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. This system allows you to set a budget and decide your bid for each click.

Amazon sponsored products ads are prominently displayed in prime spots, like the first page of search results and on product pages, placing your products right alongside competitors. This highlights the need for polished product descriptions, captivating images, and a smart pricing strategy.

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads
Our management of Amazon sponsored products includes both automatic and manual ad campaigns, encompassing keyword-based ads and product attribution targets. Initially, we’ll launch an automatic sponsored ad campaign for you. The insights gained from this automatic phase are pivotal for fine-tuning future manual campaigns. Your keyword-based ads will cover broad matches, exact matches, and phrase matches. To ensure maximum return on investment (ROI), we don’t rely on guesswork; instead, we utilize our expertise, advanced tools, and proven strategies.

How We Ensure You Stay Informed

In our Amazon marketing agency plan, we offer a detailed roadmap of how we’ll manage your advertising campaign, with updates on a weekly and monthly basis. We set goals for monthly growth percentages and clearly outline our strategy at every stage. To optimize your return on investment (ROI), we make informed adjustments each month. You’ll receive weekly and monthly reports to keep you consistently informed.

Running a successful campaign with Amazon sponsored products is a vital part of being a successful seller on Amazon. In fact, it’s often a decisive factor in whether a seller thrives or struggles on the platform.

Management of Amazon Sponsored Brands

Upgrade Your Amazon Advertising for Better Results
After you’ve established a presence on Amazon, the next phase in our Amazon advertising services involves brand promotion. Amazon sponsored brands are a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, with ads featured in search results. These ads allow you to showcase your brand uniquely, using your logo and custom messaging to present your products as you wish.

In this phase, your products are promoted exclusively, free from direct competition, focusing solely on brand promotion. This follows the sponsored products ads, which we consider phase two of your Amazon strategy. Phase three, involving sponsored brand ads, is critical for transforming a single purchase into long-term customer loyalty. For new companies on Amazon, it’s not advisable to start with sponsored brand ads immediately. However, over time, and especially before peak seasons like holidays, branded advertising becomes crucial to help customers become more familiar with your products and build product loyalty.

Our Amazon PPC experts guide both new and existing customers in setting realistic goals for their advertising campaigns. As part of our PPC management, we develop strategic marketing plans tailored to these goals. We continually refine these strategies based on data and analytics to meet or surpass your expectations. Throughout this process, we work closely with you to ensure our approach aligns with your specific business needs.
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Amazon Product Display Ads

Our PPC and Social Media Experts Enhance Your Marketing Investment
Social Eyes offers comprehensive support for both internal and external Amazon advertising strategies. Internally, we cover the various Amazon advertising options previously discussed. Externally, we extend our expertise to Amazon product display ads and beyond.

Our Amazon PPC agency services include setting up and managing campaigns across multiple platforms. This includes Google Ads, Bing, YouTube, and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our team at Thrive consists of numerous PPC advertising experts and social media advertising specialists. They collaborate closely with our Amazon experts to craft highly effective ads that maximize conversions and return on investment (ROI).

We’re equipped to assist you with a variety of promotional strategies, such as coupon ads or discount offers to boost Amazon sales. Our proficiency in Facebook Messenger ads is notable, as these are rapidly gaining popularity due to their personal, conversational nature and high conversion rates. Additionally, we offer services in email marketing, targeting existing customers with product offers, thereby potentially doubling the customer value.
Setting a balanced marketing budget is crucial, and we guide you in allocating resources effectively for both internal and external advertising. While driving sales on Amazon is a key and contemporary strategy for online success, we also leverage our extensive experience in online marketing to achieve high ROI and low Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS).

Moreover, we’re well-versed in the new Amazon Attribution model, which allows brands to measure the impact of their advertising across various channels. This includes display ads, search, and video, helping brands understand how consumers discover, research, and buy their products. We assist in analyzing sales impact across non-Amazon channels, enabling you to trace the origin of your leads and adjust your advertising budget for optimal performance. With the introduction of Amazon Attribution and the Brand Referral Bonus Program, available only to Amazon Brand Registered sellers, leveraging off-channel advertising tactics has become more significant. These tools not only provide insights into the effectiveness of off-channel ad placements but also offer the opportunity to recover a portion of ad spend through referral fees, enhancing your marketing budget’s efficiency.

Amazon Video Advertising

Capture the Interest of Mobile Shoppers for Enhanced Engagement and Sales
For a thriving ecommerce business, catering to mobile users is essential. Your digital marketing strategy must include tactics to engage users browsing on their smartphones. Capturing and retaining the attention of mobile shoppers is crucial, and nothing does this better than video ads, especially when targeting a younger audience.

Our Amazon marketing agency specializes in identifying your target audience and demonstrating how video ads can yield the highest return on investment (ROI). We collaborate with you to craft impactful video ads and strategize the most compelling offers to transition viewers from watching videos to making purchases on Amazon.
Amazon Video Advertising

Our team of Amazon experts can significantly reduce your time, cost, and stress by editing high-quality product photographs and creating complementary lifestyle images to boost sales and brand recognition. We understand that product photography can be a bottleneck in your progress, which is why we can recommend external vendors to provide high-resolution, optimized images swiftly. We’re familiar with the requirements to make your images stand out to Amazon shoppers.

Additionally, we have in-house videographers skilled in content writing, production, shooting, and editing. These videos can be utilized on Amazon to enhance your product listings. Our Amazon PPC management team is also adept at producing high-quality YouTube videos, which can serve as an effective Amazon sales tool.

After completing Amazon brand registry, you can leverage Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, commonly known as A+ content. This includes the use of those high-quality images and videos. We also assist in refining your product descriptions to further enhance the appeal and effectiveness of your Amazon listings.

Managing Amazon Vendor Central

Increase Your Bulk Sales with a Powerful Amazon Advertising Strategy

Our expertise as an Amazon PPC agency extends to assisting clients interested in wholesaling their products to Amazon. If you’re aiming to become a first-party seller, supplying products in bulk to Amazon, our agency’s resources and tools are designed to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

We specialize in crafting targeted advertising campaigns on Amazon to boost your bulk product sales. Additionally, we provide guidance on the intricacies of being an Amazon Vendor Central customer, including understanding associated fees and navigating minimum advertised price (MAP) contracts effectively.

Our role involves in-depth consultations with sellers to help them comprehensively understand the Amazon Vendor Central landscape. This includes clarifying the actual cost of goods sold, accurately determining marketing expenses, and grasping the dynamics of MAP contract relationships. At Social Eyes, we don’t just offer advice; we actively monitor and enforce MAP policies on Amazon, ensuring compliance and protecting your brand’s value. This comprehensive approach empowers you to successfully manage and grow your wholesale business on Amazon.

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