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In today’s mobile-centric environment, reaching potential customers often requires a presence on Boosting your Amazon sales hinges on a strong SEO strategy that ensures your products appear in searches for your target audience. The ubiquitous Amazon Prime delivery trucks are a testament to Amazon’s dominance in the Indian retail eCommerce market. The advantages of effective Amazon SEO for enhancing business profitability are evident. Partnering with an Amazon SEO company that specializes in optimizing for Amazon is crucial to achieving this success.
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Amazon SEO Services

We Manage Your Amazon Listing Optimization from Start to Finish


Seller Account Setup

Our Amazon SEO company collaborates with an Amazon Sales Agent to set up your account, list your products, and establish your inbound shipping plan. We ensure your account is fully prepared for selling.


Seller Brand Setup

We assist in setting up your Amazon Brand Registry with the help of the Amazon client team. This makes you eligible for A+ branded content and protects your trademarked products.


Amazon Account Audit

We conduct a thorough audit of your current account and product listings, identifying areas for improvement. We evaluate listing quality and campaigns, then devise a strategic plan to enhance sales. 


Competitor Research

As part of our account audit, we identify key competitors, seeking opportunities to gain market share. This includes strategies around pricing, deals, and targeting. The research informs your brand strategy and sales efforts.


Amazon Listing Optimization

Our agency crafts unique product descriptions, optimized titles, and engaging content. We create dynamic image sets and, for Brand Registered sellers, develop A+ Content and Amazon Brand Stores to showcase your full catalog.


Amazon Review Strategies

Recognizing the impact of ratings and reviews, we use third-party tools for automated rating and review requests in line with Amazon’s policies. This includes managing review notifications for prompt customer service responses.


Ongoing Optimizations

We continuously seek keyword opportunities and optimize product prices, headlines, and descriptions. This dynamic process is refined until optimal results are achieved.


Our PPC specialists manage your Amazon sponsored ads, targeting high ROI and low ACoS through various sourcing methods.


We protect your brand from product hijackers and leeches, ensuring your brand’s exclusivity and handling Amazon leech removal effectively.

Choosing Social Eyes Amazon Seo Services Gives You These Benefits

Leveraging our comprehensive Amazon marketing services can significantly enhance your online presence. Key elements include:
At Socialeyes, our Amazon SEO services concentrate on crucial factors like relevancy and clarity in product specifications. These elements are vital for improving your ranking on Amazon and boosting your conversion rate.
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Amazon SEO Experts
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Founded in 2010, Socialeyes has transformed from a modest local digital marketing firm into a renowned agency serving clients throughout India. Our growth is attributed to our proficiency in delivering results that boost Amazon sales.

Our clients recognize us as Amazon specialists, and they trust us to enhance their bottom lines. With Socialeyes’ Amazon listing optimization service, we ensure that our clients consistently stay ahead of the competition.

Key Points Which Every Amazon Seller Must Know


Unique Nature of Amazon’s Search Engine

Amazon’s search engine functions differently from Google or Bing and requires a distinct approach for optimization.


Importance of Targeting Right Keywords

For Amazon sellers, targeting relevant keywords is crucial since Amazon’s product rankings aim to present the best purchasing options to its customers.


Impact of Quality Images

Enhancing your listings with professional photos can significantly boost your rankings on Amazon.


Sales and Positive Reviews as Key Factors

Ultimately, achieving high sales volumes and garnering good reviews are the most critical elements for ranking well on Amazon


Amazon’s Vigilance Against Black Hat Tactics

Amazon efficiently detects and penalizes black hat tactics like paid reviews or misleading information, risking account suspension or closure.

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