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Achieve More Goals with Targeted Campaigns
Struggling with declining organic engagement, audience interaction, or conversions on social media? Address these challenges proactively with Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency’s strategic social media advertising solutions.

As your preferred social media advertising partner, we utilize in-depth social media analytics to thoroughly understand your audience demographics, pinpoint customer preferences and challenges, and formulate a tailored social media advertising approach that guarantees exceptional performance.


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Get the Best Returns at the Lowest Possible Expense
Social media ads can be tough without the right skills and knowledge to set up, run, and improve them.

Need a trusted agency to handle your social media ads?

Choose Socialeyes Internet Marketing Agency, your guide in the complex world of social media. Since 2005, we’ve helped various businesses, big and small, with their social media ad needs.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Create Valuable Leads and Boost Sales Dramatically
In today’s online world, old marketing ways aren’t enough to keep and really engage customers. It’s key to be where your audience is and shape your brand’s message for different groups to reach more people cheaply and get better returns.

Social media ads are great for making your brand more visible. They offer great chances to draw in and keep leads, turning them into buyers.
social media advertising
What’s social media advertising?

Social media advertising, or paid ads on social platforms, is a top digital marketing way to increase sales. It means putting paid ads or sponsored posts on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter aiming at certain customer groups.

Why choose social media ads over other digital marketing? Are they worth the money?

Ads on social networks let you target your ads to specific people, based on things like where they live, how old they are, what they do online, their interests, and the devices they use. Different from other online marketing, you only pay for the clicks or views your ads get on social media. This makes it a marketing strategy with high returns. Have big plans for your business? Use paid social media to improve your online marketing and reach customers ready to buy!

Social Media Advertising vs. Social Media Marketing:
What Sets Them Apart?

Social media marketing is a free promotional approach, allowing you to showcase your brand to followers without any cost. It involves strategies aimed at building brand awareness, fostering authentic relationships, and encouraging user engagement.

In contrast, paid social advertising is about refining your ads on social media platforms for expanded reach and enhanced ROI. It places your brand directly before potential customers actively seeking your offerings.
Social Media Advertising 1
However, social media marketing and paid advertising are complementary. Integrating both marketing and advertising on social media is essential for achieving optimal results.

Looking to effectively target your desired audience? Utilize social media advertising, tailoring your strategies to mirror the habits of your target customers, ensuring an efficient and economical promotion of your business.

Get Better Outcomes Through Paid Social Media

As more people use social media for business, there’s more competition. Let our agency improve your social media ad plan and create ads that really catch your potential customers’ attention at every stage of your marketing.

Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency is a well-known social media ad agency. We focus on ads that really lead to sales. We’ll help you fully manage your ad budget and who you target, making your paid social media ads more effective.

Contact our social media ad agency to find out the best social media sites for business areas that need more services!

Why Social Media Advertising Is Essential for Your Business

Increase Your Presence and Save Time, Energy, and Funds
Social media keeps changing. Each year, new ways to advertise on social media become popular, and the way people shop and what they expect changes a lot. Just using free social media campaigns isn’t enough.

Paying for social media ads is one of the best ways to make money from the top social media sites for different kinds of businesses. It helps you get more customers, make more sales, and keep customers coming back. A study by Marketing Experiments found that the right targeting can increase your sales by up to 300 percent, and paid social media ads can do this for you.

Here are more reasons why you should focus on your paid social media ads:
Social Media Advertising 2

Grow Your Followers Faster

Paid social ads help you target specific groups and quickly reach new customers. For example, by using social media ads, Socialeyes helped a gaming company get 1,600 new Facebook followers, 1,000 new Instagram followers, and 155 new Twitter followers, reaching a total of 290,137 people in just four months!

Social Media Advertising 3

Make Your Organic Posts Go Further

On a tight budget? Start using social media ads to spread your organic posts wider. Different social media ad types let you turn your best content into ads, reaching people really interested in what you offer.

Social Media Advertising 4

Increase Your Website Sales

Social media ads can double your sales rates and cut marketing costs by one-third. For a fitness center, we started a social ad campaign and got $143,319.92 in website sales in six months, with each click costing only $8.03.

Social Media Advertising 5

Get More Clicks and Views

People are active on social media because it's fun and easy to connect with brands. For example, Facebook ads for an advisory firm got 41,074 clicks, and Twitter ads got 625,932 views in just 10 months.

Social Media Advertising 6

Bring in Better Leads

Social ads can be tweaked to get targeted leads and re-attract visitors who didn't buy before. By tailoring your ads, like by age or job, you can get qualified leads into your sales process.

Social Media Advertising 7

Gain Actionable Insights

Which social ads got the most views? Were your ad landing pages effective? Social media ads give you useful data, like clicks and comments, to measure your ad success and plan better campaigns.

Social Media Advertising 8

Offer a Clear Value Proposition

How does your brand solve a customer's problem? Targeted social media ads let you highlight what's special about your top products or services and use strong calls-to-action to encourage customers to act.

Social Media Advertising 9

Drive Direct Sales

Whether introducing new products to old customers or offering seasonal deals, time-sensitive offers through social ads can boost sales. They're a low-cost way to influence buying and increase sales.

Social Media Advertising 10

Allocate Your Spending Wisely

A big plus of social media ads is tracking real-time data and setting a realistic budget. For an eCommerce store, Socialeyes managed Facebook ads with about $8,000 in spending, bringing in $170K in revenue within 28 days.

Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Explore for Advertising

Make the Best Use of Your Resources
Global social media data indicates that, on average, internet users explore over six social media platforms monthly and dedicate roughly 2.5 hours daily to social media usage. Given the vast array of social media platforms and the limited time users spend on them, selecting the appropriate channel for your ads is vital.

Several marketers err by blindly following trends without consulting social media advertising experts or conducting proper research. Consequently, they invest in channels unsuited to their market niche, leading to unprofitable outcomes.

At Socialeyes, our role is to guide you in identifying the most effective social media platforms for businesses within your sector, ensuring that the return on your investment in social media ads significantly outweighs the costs.

Specific Social Media Platforms for Various Business Niches:

Social Media Advertising 11

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads help target specific audiences and get quick results. Socialeyes has used Facebook ads to help a gaming company gain thousands of new followers in just four months. Facebook ads get approved quickly, so you can start reaching people in days.

Social Media Advertising 12

Instagram Ads

Instagram, with over a billion users, is great for gaining followers and engaging customers. Ads here help all types of businesses grow their audience with sponsored content. We link Instagram ads with Facebook Ads Manager for more targeting options.

What We Do for Facebook Ads:

We meet with you to set goals for your Facebook ads and develop a strategy. We then launch a campaign tailored to your needs and use Facebook Pixel on your website to track visitors from your ads.

What We Do for Instagram Ads:

We analyze your Instagram performance to strengthen your brand and start a campaign that meets your goals. We choose the right ad formats and budget for your Instagram ads.

Social Media Advertising 13

Twitter Ads

Advertising on Twitter is good for increasing website visits and sales. Twitter ads can promote tweets and products for instant results. Different ad types help achieve strong business results.

Social Media Advertising 14

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are best for B2B marketing and lead generation. They reach professionals and experts effectively with various ad formats, providing precise targeting.

What We Do for Twitter Ads:

We set up your Twitter ads, define your goals, target audience, and create engaging content for a successful campaign.

What We Do for LinkedIn Ads:

We focus on reaching your ideal clients on LinkedIn through industry-specific targeting, compelling ad copy, and clear calls to action.

Social Media Advertising 15

TikTok Ads

TikTok, popular since 2016, is great for building brand awareness and authenticity. Its versatile ad formats, like in-feed ads and hashtag challenges, make it easy to create effective campaigns.

Social Media Advertising 16

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest, with 400 million users, is cost-effective for ads and reaching goals. Like Facebook, it uses a pay-for-placement system. You pay to promote your ads on chosen Pins.

What We Do for TikTok Ads:

We analyze your marketing strategies to see how TikTok fits and offer consultations to choose the best ad options for your brand.

What We Do for Pinterest Ads:

We use data-driven strategies to increase traffic and sales from your Pinterest ads. We optimize your ad images, use rich Pins, and refine your ad schedule for better conversions.

Social Media Advertising 17

Reddit Ads

Reddit has over 100,000 groups based on different interests, making it a great place to show your brand to the right people and influence their buying choices. Reddit ads are easier to target to your ideal audience, based on their interests and what they subscribe to, than Google and other channels. Reddit ad companies use features like better system performance, bid advice, and advanced editing to improve their ad campaigns.

What We Do for Reddit Ads:

Advertising on Reddit needs following specific rules to avoid issues with its community members. Our Reddit ad agency figures out who your target audience is, studies their online habits, and finds the best groups to join for your business type. If you don't have a Reddit account, we can make one for you. We also decide on your daily ad budget and handle your ad creation for smooth Reddit advertising.

What Is The Cost Of Social Media Advertising?

Optimize your payments for every click and impression.
Social media ads are usually cheaper than other types like print, TV, or product placement ads. Yet, some businesses are unsure about investing in it because they don’t get how it’s priced.

The cost for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media ads depends on various things, such as:
For instance, companies doing Facebook ads for clothing ($0.45 average cost per click), travel ($0.63), or retail ($0.70) usually pay less per click than those in finance ($3.77), consumer services ($3.08), or B2B ($2.52).

Thinking about using social media for ads? Find out the average cost of ads on the six most popular social media platforms for business, and let’s begin with your Facebook ad management and other social media campaigns!

Standard Advertising Costs Across Social Media Platforms

Social Media Advertising 18

Facebook Ad Costs

The cost for managing Facebook ads varies by industry. Typically, it's about $5 per day or $0.97 for each click to run a Facebook ad. You can expect about a 1.11% click-through rate (CTR) in the News Feed with these costs.

Social Media Advertising 19

Twitter Ad Costs

Twitter ad costs depend on the type of ad you choose. Usually, it costs between $0.50 - $2.00 for each first action like a click, reply, or retweet. Promoting accounts costs more, around $2.50 - $4.00 for each new follower.

Social Media Advertising 20

Instagram Ad Costs

Instagram ads usually cost more than Facebook ads. The average cost for Instagram ads is between $0.60 - $2.00 per click. Agencies running Instagram ads see about a 0.22% average CTR in the feed.

Social Media Advertising 21

LinkedIn Ad Costs

LinkedIn ad rates depend on your campaign goals. The starting budget is around $10 per day for each campaign, with an average CTR of 0.22%. Contact us to find out how to save on costs!

Social Media Advertising 22

Pinterest Ad Costs

For Pinterest, the average cost for brand awareness ads is between $2.00 - $5.00 per 1,000 impressions. For boosting engagement and driving traffic to your website, it ranges from $0.10 - $1.50 per engagement.

Social Media Advertising 23

Reddit Ad Costs

Reddit ads, like TikTok, are based on cost-per-mile. The starting cost is $5 per day. Reddit also has an auction-style system where you can bid as low as $0.20 per bid for ads.

Social Eyes Social Media Advertising Services

Get Expert Help to Reach Your Company’s Growth Targets
Social Media Advertising 24

Social Media Marketing

Our agency does more than just run ads on social media. We offer full social media marketing services, including audits and sustainable campaign launches, to help improve your customer conversion rates.

Social Media Advertising 25

Social Media Management

We're not just a social and Facebook ad company. We manage your social media, too. Our team creates and monitors ad campaigns on platforms like Instagram, and oversees your social accounts. We pick the best platforms and strategies to grow your business online.

Social Media Advertising 26

Social Media Brand Management

We combine social media management with various ad services like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook to present your unique brand consistently across platforms. Our team works to make your brand inclusive and can even help make your website ADA compliant with our web design specialists.

Social Media Advertising 27

Social Media Follower Growth

Grow your social media presence and attract more followers! We use data-driven strategies and manage ads on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to increase your followers. This includes optimizing your profile, posting engaging content, and launching targeted ads.

Social Media Advertising 28

Social Media SEO

Our social media advertising and marketing strategies don't just improve your online presence; they can also bring more leads and traffic to your website. We share your best website content on social media and enhance its reach with focused promotions.

Social Media Advertising 29

Website Design and Development

We help align your website branding with your social media pages. Our team works to integrate social share buttons, Facebook reviews, social login features, and YouTube videos on your site. Need unique designs for your social media? We're here to help.

Social Media Advertising 30

Video Production

Use video ads in your social media strategy for better engagement. If you lack the resources for creating effective video ads, our team can create mobile-friendly, concise videos that encourage quick viewer action.

Social Media Advertising 31

Social Media Content Writing

Let us handle your social media content writing. We do thorough market research and audience targeting to create compelling ad copies and landing page content, ensuring they drive immediate action from users.

Social Media Advertising 32

Social Media Reputation Management

Our services include managing your online reputation. We track social media reviews, manage review responses, and use positive reviews in your ads, helping you maintain a good brand reputation.

Why Choose Socialeyes for Your Social Media Advertising

Boost Your Leads, Signups, and Sales
Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency is a top company in the U.S. for social media marketing and Facebook ads. We’ve helped many business leaders achieve great results with targeted ads on social media.

Choosing Socialeyes for your social and Facebook ads means you get these benefits:
Social Media Advertising 33

Profitable Advertising Goals

We meet with your team first to talk about your goals and plans for social media ads. Then, we set up realistic ad goals that match your budget and marketing needs.

Social Media Advertising 34

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

One of the biggest challenges in social media ads is keeping track of how they're doing and making sure you get a good return on your ad spend. We carefully set up tracking systems and keep improving your social media accounts to get the best results.

Social Media Advertising 35

Transparent Data Analysis

From the start to the monthly check-ins of your campaign, we provide detailed reports. This way, you always know how your investment is doing. You can also check your ad performance whenever you want through our client portal.

Social Media Advertising 36

Expert Consultations

If your in-house team needs guidance on managing social media ad campaigns, our experts are here to help. We offer advice and training to make sure your team is on the right path.

Social Media Advertising 37

Diverse Advertising Strategy

We stay updated with the latest trends and changes in social media to make sure your ad strategy is successful. We're always looking for new ways to advertise your business and keep your customer leads and sales growing.

Social Media Advertising 38

Dedicated Social Media Advertising Strategist

Socialeyes team knows how to run ad campaigns on different platforms. We assign a specialist to look after your campaign and be there for any questions or concerns you might have.