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Enhance Your Visibility and Attract More Followers
Launched in late 2019, Amazon Posts is an exciting, image-centric social media platform on Amazon. Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency, an expert in Amazon advertising, can guide you in capitalizing on this trend from the outset to achieve tangible results. With Amazon Posts, you can appear on your competitors’ product listings for free. We help you highlight your products using engaging lifestyle content, enhancing your brand’s visibility. Our team crafts a specialized Amazon Posts strategy to amplify your sales and strengthen your online presence.


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Amazon Posts: What Are They?

Attract and Impress Customers with Exclusive Lifestyle Content

Amazon Posts is a feature available to brand-registered sellers on Amazon that allows them to share unique lifestyle images and product-related content in a feed similar to other social media platforms. This tool is primarily designed for brand storytelling and product promotion within the Amazon shopping environment.

Amazon Posts can be a powerful tool for brands to enhance their online presence on Amazon, drive product discovery, and ultimately increase sales.


Why Use Amazon Posts?

Try a Different Way to Connect with Your Online Audience.
Posts offer a great way for shoppers and sellers to enjoy Amazon’s social media by providing engaging content and simple shopping. This Amazon social media marketing tool presents a fantastic chance for all brands to expand their audience. Utilize this new and free method on Amazon to attract more customers and connect with your online community.
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Enhance Product Visibility and Boost Sales

Amazon Posts introduces a fresh way for consumers to discover your products and brand on Amazon. Utilize this extra point of contact on the Amazon app, mobile, and desktop browsers, linking directly to your brand feed. Increased visibility on Amazon enhances brand recognition and potential for revenue growth.

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Free Visibility on Competitor Listings

Normally, brands pay to be featured on competitors' product pages. However, with Posts, this visibility is free and managed by Amazon. Creating eye-catching Posts helps you stand out. As it's currently free, there's no risk involved. Our Amazon advertising agency can guide you in optimizing your time and resources for Amazon Posts.

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Showcase Products in a Unique Way

Posts let you break free from Amazon's standard product image rules. You can create captions that resonate with your audience, within Amazon Post guidelines. Engage your followers with lifestyle images, providing social proof and showcasing your brand's personality through superior Amazon content.

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Foster an Amazon Community

Posts bring your brand to life, turning followers into an online community. With the bar set high for online content and interaction, move beyond mere transactions to build relationships with your Amazon audience. Our agency excels in comprehensive marketing strategies to convey your brand story and connect with your ideal customers.

What Do Socialeyes Offer As Part Of Their Amazon Posts Services?

Boost Your Outcomes and Create a Vibrant Online Community
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Setting Up Amazon Posts Profile

To start using Amazon Posts, log in with your advertising console or Seller Central details. Our agency handles all prerequisites, including having the appropriate Amazon account, being part of the Amazon Brand Registry, and owning an Amazon Store. We tackle any obstacles in setting up your Posts profile.

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Strategizing for Amazon Advertising Posts

Amazon determines the placement of your Posts based on relevance and engagement. Our team formulates a tailored strategy to enhance your Posts' reach, increase engagement, and grow your following. We manage your brand feed and post schedule, as higher engagement leads to more visibility by Amazon.

Amazon Post Management 7

Creating Engaging Product and Lifestyle Content

Posts allow you to display your products uniquely, highlighting various uses. We produce compelling lifestyle content that resonates with shoppers and encourages purchases. Additionally, we ensure your product listings feature high-quality, optimized images.

Amazon Post Management 8

Optimizing Amazon Posts

Your Posts are linked to products using Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). We ensure the correct ASIN and product listing accompanies each Post, optimizing them for higher conversion rates. Our approach includes refining product details, pricing, and star ratings using established Amazon listing optimization techniques.

Amazon Post Management 9

Handling Amazon Post Creative Submissions

We adhere to best practices for submitting your Amazon Posts, resolving issues with rejected creatives. We format your Posts for optimal functionality and visual appeal, ensuring compliance with Amazon's creative acceptance policies regarding color format, aspect ratio, file format, size, and resolution.

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Expert Amazon Post Copywriting

Our service includes crafting and managing your Amazon Post captions, tailored to your brand's voice and highlighting unique features. We craft clear calls-to-action, creatively navigating Amazon’s strict caption guidelines.

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Utilizing Amazon Posts Analytics

Amazon Posts provides data on impressions, engagements, and engagement rates. We use this data to identify optimal posting times for the best ROI. Our analysis focuses on your Posts' performance and audience appeal, allowing us to optimize your strategy based on data-driven insights.

Amazon Post Management 12

Ensuring Quality Assurance

We rigorously monitor the quality of your Amazon content, overseeing publishing, product load time, and display accuracy. Our process ensures that each Post captures attention and stands out from competitors. We maintain compliance with all Amazon Post guidelines, avoiding prohibited content and products.

Our Amazon Agency Delivers Results

We Excel in Designing Custom Strategies and Innovative Solutions
At Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency, we’ve been at the forefront of eCommerce success, guiding our clients through the dynamic digital landscape for over a decade and a half. Our commitment to continuous learning and adaptation keeps our clients a step ahead in the competitive realm of Amazon social media marketing. We’re dedicated to fostering the growth and expansion of your brand.

Achievements of Our Amazon Marketing Agency for Clients:
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Online Baby Store


Sales Volume


Unit Sales

Client Words:

Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency specializes in integrated Amazon advertising and SEO. Our focus on listing optimization led to a client’s monthly sales jumping from 250 to 475 units in just two months, showcasing our effective strategy in enhancing online business growth and success on Amazon.

Aviation institute

Jewelry Store


Sales Volume


Unit Sales

Client Words:

Socialeyes significantly reduced the Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) for a client by 40 percent. This achievement, combined with our expert Amazon listing optimization and a dynamic mix of organic and paid advertising strategies, led to a dramatic increase in orders – from 320 to over 1,700 units monthly within just two months

Other Amazon Services Offered by Social Eyes

Drive Sales Growth and Maximize Your Outcomes

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Amazon Marketing Services

Our full-funnel marketing services on Amazon prioritize compliance, optimization, and strategic promotions. We start with a detailed assessment of your brand's presence to craft the most effective Amazon social media marketing strategy. Our offerings include Amazon listing optimization, Amazon Brand Registry enrollment, account management, pricing strategy development and testing, catalog organization, and assistance with suspension appeals.

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Amazon SEO

At the heart of a successful Amazon strategy is listing optimization. While the impact of Amazon Post descriptions on SEO isn't confirmed, our expertise ensures readiness. We use extensive keyword research and performance monitoring to ensure your products reach your target audience. Our techniques include competitor analysis, crafting compelling product descriptions, and developing strategies to optimize Amazon reviews.

Amazon Post Management 16

Amazon Advertising/PPC

Our team of Amazon experts brings years of experience in Amazon Advertising, focusing on budget planning and goal clarification for optimal ROI. We provide continuous campaign optimization and regular reporting. Our services include management of Amazon Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads, Video Ads, and Amazon Vendor Central.

Amazon Post Management 17

Amazon DSP Advertising Management

Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) allows programmatic media buying on Amazon and its partners. We utilize its exclusive data and analytics to enhance your advertising reach. Our strategy includes optimized display, video, and audio ads, leveraging the platform's unique capabilities.

Amazon Post Management 18

Amazon Storefront and Branding

In a crowded eCommerce market, unique product feeds and high-quality images are essential. We specialize in Amazon A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) design and development, maximizing your product content space. We also assist in designing a memorable and recognizable logo, ensuring your brand stands out.

Amazon Post Management 19

Amazon Seller Consulting

Our consulting team develops custom strategies to adapt to changing customer needs, maintaining peak store performance. We focus on listing optimization, efficient uploading of product feed templates, and enhancing performance metrics. As Amazon Posts is still in beta, we ensure your strategy evolves with Amazon's platform changes, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Why Choose Socialeyes For Your Amazon Posts Services?

We Collaborate with You to Achieve the Desired Results
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Award-Winning Amazon Marketing Agency

Our full-service agency is celebrated by industry experts as a leading Amazon marketing company, thanks to our unwavering commitment to client goals and strong relationships. Clients choose us for our honesty, integrity, and realistic approach to Amazon marketing.

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Customized Amazon Advertising Posts Strategy

Socialeyes tailors Amazon Posts strategies to fit each client's unique needs. Understanding your business goals, we work within a realistic budget and allocate resources effectively. Your dedicated Amazon marketing manager will develop a unique strategy to achieve your desired results.

Amazon Post Management 22

Content Marketing Expertise for Amazon

Amazon Posts demand captivating visual content, requiring a robust content marketing strategy. With over 13 years of experience, Socialeyes is equipped to find innovative ways to present your products, ensuring your success on Amazon.

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E-Commerce Marketing Specialization

Beyond Amazon, we excel in comprehensive eCommerce marketing, offering specialized services in optimization, SEO, PPC, and web design. We understand that eCommerce success involves more than great photos, incorporating customer insights to enhance SEO and content.

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Staying Ahead in Amazon Marketing

As a top-tier Amazon marketing agency, we stay informed about industry trends and developments, ensuring our strategies are effective and timely. We're committed to keeping our Amazon social media marketing strategies aligned with the latest information.

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Transparency and Data-Driven Results

At Social eyes, we prioritize data-driven decision-making in Amazon management. Meticulous analytics and advanced tracking underpin our Amazon product listing optimization, ensuring decisions are based on accurate data. We provide regular progress reports and ensure transparency in our operations.

Since 2010, Socialeyes Digital Marketing Agency has been elevating Amazon brands through curated content and ongoing engagement. Our services in Amazon Posts and listing optimization are designed to increase your customer base and build brand loyalty.

Contact us to learn how our Amazon Posts services can enhance your product visibility and sales with our customized strategies.