where do we use keywords, and why is keyword research important?

What are Keywords and why do they matter

So, what do we do when we have a question or when we want to find something? In a matter of seconds.

Just like most people, we pull out smartphones or grab our laptops to open the web browser and search.

Once you type the first few words and hit ‘enter’- you scroll through the results until you click on the page that looks solid and promising. Once the page loads, you will have the answer you need. The words you type into the search engine, and keywords help you find a promising web page or blog- the same goes for the way people find products and services. If you wish for your audience to find your website or brand, you must understand how to use keywords in your favour.

What are keywords?

Keywords are topics and ideas that describe what your content is all about. In terms of SEO, they are words and phrases that users type into search engines, also termed ‘search queries.

When you pull down images, copy, videos, and more on your page to simple words, those are considered primary keywords. If we talk about SEO keywords, they are single words or short phrases that reflect the search queries made by people. Website owners or marketers often choose to use keywords that help optimise the web pages.

When you put in efforts to align creation and optimisation for your content using words, products and services that your target audience is looking for, it improves the chance of your content popping up among the top results.

Before we understand why is keyword research important, let’s discuss a reason why keyword optimisation is essential. Doing so improves the chance that a search engine such as Google will find a webpage relevant for that specific query.

So, why do keywords matter?

Keywords help describe what the content is all about, they help search engines understand the goal of the page and decide where or when it should show up in the SERPs. When a web page entails a popular or relevant keyword, it appears on the top of the results when people are looking for the same keyword, increasing the ranking.

Keywords help users as opposed to Google’s crawler understand what your page is about. You may not know but many users tap on the link only when it entails a relevant keyword. Adding popular keyword after careful research improves the readability, and boost the chance users will stick around.  

How do you carry out keyword research?

Many wonders where do we use keywords or how we research them. There are a lot of efforts put into keyword research however the process includes four steps:

              Commence Brainstorming: Also termed, the ‘seed’ list, document anything that you think will describe your product or services perfectly.

              Use Tools for Research: You can use an analysis tool that helps you get data on the ideas in your brainstorming list.

              Expand & Refine: Upon coming up with the right keywords and discovering suggested keyword phrases using the research tool. Find out the actual words people use as they search about your products, services, and information. Understanding which keywords are being used often, doing so will help prioritise.

              Verify Keywords: Analyse the competition in the search results that appear for the target keywords. Do you see websites or pages that provide services like yours? Well, this means, you are good to go on the keyword.

So, we now know about keywords, and why they matter, and for a bonus: we added how to research keywords.

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